Blog Description

This blog is designed to serve as an extension or housing for the content from the adult Sunday School class of Grace Life Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. The purpose of this course is to set forth our belief that the King James Bible is God's Word for English speaking people. Consequently, in the coming weeks, months, and years this blog will be populated with the contents of our studies together on this important topic. Anticipated topics include: the inspiration, preservation, transmission, and translation of the pure Biblical text through history. Special attention will be given to recent historical studies into the production of the King James Bible as well as its reception by the English speaking world after is publication in 1611. It is our goal to set forth a position on the final authority of the King James Bible for English speaking people that is Scriptural, reasonable, historically accurate, and in line with the Pauline Grace Message regarding God's working in time.
Pastor Bryan C. Ross